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Alibaug, Maharashtra

Alibaug is a beautiful coastal town of Maharashtra. It is a fantastic place near Mumbai and Pune to spend a marvellous weekend. In the seventeenth century, Alibaug was developed by the navel chief of King Shivaji’s kingdom Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre. Alibaug has the prestigious position as the headquarters of Raigarh District. The legend says that a rich man named ‘Ali’ lived in Raigarh who had a large number of coconut and mango plantations. The local people called the place ‘Alichi Bagh’ which means ‘Gardens of Ali’ or only ‘Alibagh’. This way, Alibaug got its name.

Alibaug is a calm beachside destination, which is surrounded by thick forests and trees of mangoes, jackfruits, coconuts and other seaside leafy vegetables. Apart from this, Alibaug has lots of historical places and beaches which you can explore. It is one of the most preferable, less crowded and pollution-free weekend destination for tourists.

Location: Raigarh District, Maharashtra, South of Mumbai

Climate: Summers have a mild warm and pleasant weather, while winters are comparatively cold.

To enjoy the summers, wear cool cotton clothes. Carry light woollens in winters.

Best time to visit: November-July

How to reach:

By Air: Nearest airport is in Mumbai

By Train: Nearest railhead is in Roha and Panvel

By Road: HPTDC Luxury and Volvo coaches available regularly

Places of Interest

Kolaba Fort

Location: 2 kms from the Alibag Beach shore

Timings: Open all days from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Kolaba Fort is a sea fort and a popular tourist destination of Alibaug. It was constructed in 1652 by Shivaji Maharaj on the Alibaug Beach of the Arabian Sea. The walls of the fort are 25 feet high. Architecture of this immense structure is outstanding. A fascinating element of the Fort is that it is located in salty sea water, but there is a well of fresh water inside the fort. There is also a temple located in the Fort premises, which was built in 1759 by Raghoji Angre. This temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha. The carvings of birds and animals on the walls of the fort are intriguing.

Nagaon Beach

Location: 9 kms from Alibaug

Best month to visit:  October – May

How to reach: Easily reachable by road, railways or ferry boats

Nagaon shoreline is a standout amongst the most visited beaches of Alibaug. This beach is also known as Satad beach. It is a 3 kms long beach. The most fascinating thing about this beach is its uncluttered sand and crystal clear water. On this beach, you can enjoy the beautiful betel and coconut trees and above all, the marvellous clean sand. To have fun, this beach provides to you a large number of sports like banana rides, boat trips, jets sky rides, bumper tube rides and parasailing adventures. You can also relish a large number of amenities of seafood and cottages for accommodation. Nothing can beat this type of serene ambience for relaxing. 

Khanderi Fort

Location: 4 kms from Alibaug

Best month to visit: October to March

How to reach: Can be reached easily by road or by water

Khanderi Fort was built in 1678 by the Marathas on a little island. A Tomb of Daud Pir and a Temple dedicated to Lord Vitthal are the two prominent attractions in the fort. The temple was made with little tiles and has a wooden rooftop. A lighthouse measuring around 75 ft. was built here, was built by the British, after capturing it from the Marathas. At present, Bombay Port Trust Administration is maintains and controls the fort. You can take a boat ride to reach the fort, only after prior permission of Bombay Port Trust. It will take you around 2 to 3 hours to visit this fort.

Mandwa Beach

Location: About 20 kms from Alibaug

Best month to visit: November-March

How to reach: Best way to reach here is by a ferry boat from Gateway of India, Mumbai

Mandwa is an enormous shoreline of white sands and is protected by the beautiful coconut palms. Another intriguing thing about Mandwa shoreline is that the shooting of a lot of Bollywood silver screen movies like Agneepath, Insaaf, Sagar and so on was done here. Visitors can also take ferry services that keep running from Mumbai to Mandwa Port. The clean and safe dazzling beach will revive your body and soul completely. The amazing sunset view from this beach is breathtaking. This beach is also well known as a ‘Picnic Point', since lots of people often come here for picnics.

Murud- Janjira Fort

Location: 21 kms from Kashid Beach

Timings: Open all days from 7.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.

How to reach: By boats

This astonishing structure was constructed in seventeenth century by Malik Ambar, the ruler of Ahmednagar. The entry gate of the fort is designed with a carving of a tiger caught by six elephants. You can see stone sculptures, beautiful tombs and water tanks inside the fort. The fort stands with 40 feet high walls. There are 19 burj (towers) in the fort premises. The fort is famous for the guns found under all the burj. In past times, there were around 500 canons present inside the fort, but now just a couple of them exist. The clean and clear blue water around the fort is amazing.  

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