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Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

Bharatpur situated in Rajasthan is a newly created Municipal Corporation. It is located in the Braj region. The history of the Royal House of Bharatpur dates back to 11th century. Bharatpur is a very colourful melange of Royal forts, stunning palaces, diverse cultures and warm people with a very inviting landscape. It is a land that inspires rich culture and heritage. Come and tread on the sands, enjoy and get the most of nature at play! In Bharatpur, you will find Nature's grand hue reflecting in the red sand, the true colours of royalty, and the pink cities which surrender to the sound of the all flowing wind. The awesome sight and sounds of the city transport you into a folk lore.

Climate: Temperature of Bharatpur ranges between 5°C to 48°C, Summers are very hot and winters are cold requiring heavy woollen clothing.


Air: Airport is 160 km at Delhi. (Taxi and Bus services available)

Rail:  Bharatpur also has a Railways station

Delhi: 167 km  

Agra: 52 km

Jaipur: 187 km

Road --Delhi – 199 km (Luxury and Volvo coaches available regularly)

Jaipur – 192 km (Luxury coaches during Tourist season)         

Places of Interest

Keoladeo National Park

Location: - 2.9km from Bharatpur.                                

Best month to visit: October - February

Visiting Time: Open all 7 days of the week (6:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

Best Attraction: 370 species of birds and animals such as basking python, deer, painted storks, nilgai and many more.

Keoladeo National Park is also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park. It was formerly also called the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Keoladeo Ghana National Park is totally man-made and is one of the famous national parks of India. Considered one of the richest areas for birds in the world, it is visited by thousands of migratory birds such as the most elusive Siberian cranes and green sandpipers during the cold season. It offers treks for bird and animal watching which can be covered on foot or even rickshaw. The rickshaw pullers are trained to also serve the purpose of guides, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the lovely ride as you meander through the park viewing the rare birds and nature at its best.

Lohagarh Fort

Location: 2km from Bharatpur

Best months to visit: January- March

Visiting Time: open 10 am to 6 pm except on Monday 

Best Attraction: Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal and Kishori Mahal

Lohagarh Fort is known as Iron fort because it was one of the strongest forts known in Indian history. The fort is surrounded by a moat which was filled with water to keep away enemies. The fort is not only majestic but also displays unbeatable strength withstanding numerous invasions by British and the Mughals. There are interesting monuments inside the fort such as Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal and Kishori Mahal. Visit the place to experience its impeccable strength and valour!

Deeg Fort

Location:  35km from Bharatpur

Best months to visit: December- February

Visiting Time: Deeg Palace is open 9 am to 5 pm except on Fridays

Best Attraction: Forts, palaces, gardens, tower and fountains

Deeg is a fabulous and beautiful garden town situated north of Bharatpur. It is the real heritage of Jat kings. It was the Jat capital in 17en century. The Deeg Fort was built by Jat kings after they were mesmerized by the beauty of Agra and Delhi Mughal courts. Surrounded by gateways and moats with beautiful gardens, it is one of the main attractions of Deeg. The most alluring part of the palace is the Monsoon pavilion or the Keshav Bhawan where there are numerous fountains and water jets that create the ambience of monsoon rains. During Holi, colour is added to the water which comes out of the spouts making the place come alive with beauty of different shades bringing joy and fun.

Purana Mahal

Location: 32 km from Deeg Fort

Best months to visit: October- March

Best Attraction:  Rajput and Mughal schools

Purana Mahal is the oldest palace in Bharatpur. It is designed as a rectangular space that was encircled by numerous compartments and chambers. It has an excellent assortment of some very fine Rajput and Mughal schools.

Museum in Bharatpur

Location: 1.4 km from Bharatpur

Best Month to visit:  February- March, October- December                             

Visiting Time: Open 9.45 am to 5.15 pm except on Monday                               

Best Attraction: Guns & Miniature Canons

Bharatpur Government Museum consists of a very awesome and unique collection of archaeological wealth of Bharatpur and nearby areas. The museum was established on 11 Nov. 1944 in Lohagarh Palace. Bharatpur museum  consists of 581 stone sculptures, 120 terracotta’s, 10 inscriptions,13 metallic objects,196 miniature paintings, 670 coins, 1966 weapons and 861 local art & crafts. The rare collection of various things displayed at the museum is breathtaking and enthrals the visitors. The building itself that houses the museum is charming with its artistic looks and beauty.

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