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Tirupati / Tirumalai (Andhra Pradesh)

Trupati is the most sacred and ancient Hindu pilgrimage place, which is located in Andhra Pradesh state. It is situated at the bottom of the Tirumalai Hills, which are the second oldest rock mountains, all over the world. The famous Hindu sanctuary, ‘Shri Venkateswara Temple’ is the biggest centre of attraction of this place. Apart from this magnificent Temple, Tirupati is famous for many other Temples like Govindaraja Temple, Iskcon Temple of Lord Krishna, Varahaswami Temple and many more.

Tirupati is also well known for its prosperous cultural values. It is the place where you can explore waterfalls, zoological gardens and local markets. The festivals and fairs of Tirupati are World famous and you will never forget the wonderful experience you will have, if you will join in these intriguing festivals.

Location: 71kms from Chittoor, 134 kms from Chennai, 259 kms from Bangalore

Climate: Summer season is extremely hot and winter season is moderately cool

Wear very light cotton clothes in summers. Winters require normal woolen wears.

Best time to visit: October-March

How to reach:

By Air: Nearest Airport is Tirupati Airport (14 kms)

By Train: Nearest Railhead is Tirupati Railway Station

By Road: Public transport and HPTDC Luxury and Volvo coaches are available regularly

Places of Interest

Sri Venketeswara Temple

Location: 21.6 kms via Tirupati Ghat Road

Timings: Open all days of the week from 2.30 a.m.- 11.00 p.m.

Sri Venketeswara Temple is the most prominent and ancient sanctuary of Tirupati. It is located at the seventh peak of Tirumala Hills. Inside this temple, you can see an eight feet high exquisite idol of Lord Venketeshwara. It is believed that the deity of Lord Venketeswara will remain here, till the end of present Kali Yuga.

This magnificent Temple is one of the most visited places of Andhra Pradesh state. Around 50,000 to 100,000 devotees come here daily. The number goes up to about 500,000 on special festivals and occasions. People also call it the ‘Tirupati Balaji Temple’ and the ‘Tirumala Temple’. This marvelous Temple has been constructed in the enticing Dravidian Style. It spreads in an area of 2.2 acres. This is the richest temple of India, in relation to wealth and donations.

Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple

Location: 3 kms North of Tirupati, 4 kms from Tirupati RTC Bus Stand, 5 kms from Tirupati Railway Station

Timings: Open daily from 5.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple is an ancient Hindu Shrine, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Temple got its name from Kapila Maha Muni, who was blessed for his sacrifice and devotion by receiving Divya Darshan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Temple is also known as ‘Alwar Theertham’ and ‘Kapila Theertham’.

The divine sacred waterfall present in the temple complex is a blessing of the Lord Shiva. People believe that only after taking a dip in this divine water, they should begin their pilgrimage. All the prime festivals of North India are celebrated here at a grand scale. 

Talakona Waterfall

Location:  It is located in Sri Veketeswara National Park, Chittoor District, 64 kms from Tirupati 

Best month to visit: November to January, it is open 24 hours

Talakona Falls is the highest fall in Andhra Pradesh State. The water falls from the height of 270 feet, which looks amazing. There are two waterfalls here, which are the ‘Egava Jhari’ and the ‘Digava Jhari’. It is believed that during the period of Aranyavasam, Pandavas stayed at this place for some time.

Boat riding at this place will be a memorable experience for you. Thousands of people come here to enjoy the divine beauty of this place, at the time of ‘Shivaratri Festival’. It is believed that the water of this splendid waterfall has great medicinal contents, as it passes through various medicinal plants and herbs.

Chandragiri Fort

Location: 14.5 kms from Tirupati

Timings: Open all days except Friday from 10.00 a.m.- 8.45 p.m.

Chandragiri Fort is an 11th century’s historic monument.  It was constructed at a height of 183 meters, on a huge rock, under the kingdom of Yadava Naidus. Later, a number of emperors took control of this fort. The designing of the Fort is resplendent, as it has been designed as per Hindu Architecture. The splendid carved pillars of the Fort and the beauteous collections of the royal families will leave you spell bounded.

The modern and colorful lighting system of the Fort makes it majestic during the night.  The ‘Light and Sound Show’ conducted inside the Fort daily is mesmerizing.

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple

Location: 5 kms from Tirupati RTC bus stand, 5.5 kms from Tirupati Railway Station

Timings: Open all days from 5.00 a.m.- 9.00 p.m.

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple is a sacred and ancient Hindu Sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi. Here, the Goddess appears in marriage attire and depicts its union with Sri Veneteswara Swamy. The Temple is also a manifestation of the significance of femininity in the tradition of Hindus.

This huge temple was constructed during the kingdom of King Thondaman Chakravarthy. Lots of people came here to pray and get blessings of Goddess Padamavati. The dome, ceiling, walls and the entire structure of this temple is decorated with enticing stone artwork. You will feel blessed if you will be present here at the time of Aarti.

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