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Venice, Italy

Situated in the north east of Italy, Venice is the capital of Veneto region. This city of canals is located across 118 small islands with about 150 beautiful canals and 409 bridges. This world heritage sites is known for its architecture canals and beauty. Venice comprises of six districts. One should learn to speak a little bit of Italian as it is the official language although other languages like German, French and Latin are also spoken. Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in Venice. The city is known by various names like La Dominante," "Serenissima," "Queen of the Adriatic," "City of Water," "City of Masks," "City of Bridges," "The Floating City," and "City of Canals” which perfectly represent Venice and its beauty. The city is a place for romance loved by poets and artists. The city is full of historical buildings with both traditional and contemporary décor. People love the city for its magical vibes.

Climate: Humid subtropical climate with rains throughout the year. Summers lasting from July to August are hot and wet with possibility of violent storms. Carry light weight clothes for this time. Winters are very cold, requiring warm clothes.

Best Time to Visit - September – November. Carry light clothes with something warm for the nights.

Accessibility- is by foot and water boats.

Waterways- water taxies or traditional gondolas.


 Rome (3.5 hours)

 Milan (2.5 hours)

Treviso - 35 minutes.

 Main railway stations:

The St Lucia station

The Mestre station


Marco Polo International Airport (Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo).

How to reach-Venice Piazzale Roma by ATVO buses

ACTV buses:

Venice, Lido and Murano by Alilaguna motor boats

Venice Mestre railway station by ACTV lines and by ATVO lines

Regional destinations (Treviso, Padua, the beach) by ATVO buses and by Busitalia Sita Nord .

Points of interest

The Grand canal:

Location: Province of Venice

Timings: 24 hrs open

How to reach: By water taxis or ferries.

Also known by the name of “Canallazo”, this 3 km long and 5 meter deep canal is the main water way in the city of Venice. The Grand Canal shaped like an ‘S’ divides the Venice city into two parts and hence the traffic in this Canal is a lot. Gondolas, also called ‘Vaporetti’, the water taxis are used to travel across the Canal. One of the main attractions of Grand Canal are the classical style buildings that are present along the canal.

The Grand Canal has four spectacular water bridges: Rialto, the Ponte Degli Scalzi, the Ponte dell'Accademia and the Calatrava Bridge. Santa Maria Della Salute, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Corner della Ca' Grande, the Academy of Fine Arts and Palazzo Grassi are some of the main tourist attractions of the Grand Canal.

St. Mark’s Bascilica

Location: Province of Venice

Timings: Basilica, Tesoro, Pala d'Oro:

Mon-Sat 9:45am-5pm;

Sun 2-5pm

Museo Marciano:


Opened in 1092 this 43 meter high basilica was once the Doge's private chapel. Created by Domenico I Contarini, St. Mark’s bascilica is the most popular church in Venice and became the city’s cathedral in 1807.  Built with Byzantine architecture, it is decorated with Byzantine art treasures with gold mosaics over the domes and the walls. There are treasures from other periods, including mosaics designed by Titian and Tintoretto. The Pala d'Oro, golden altarpiece, was made in  12th-century and was decorated with about 2,000 gems and precious stones centuries later.

Piazza San Marco

How to reach:

By motorboat – 1 hour.

From Piazzale Roma

By vaporetto no. 1 - 40 minutes, no. 52 - about 20 minutes, and no. 82 - 30 minutes.

Walking - 30-45 minutes.

From Santa Lucia Railway Station

By vaporetto no. 1 about 35 minutes, no. 52 (direct), about 25 minutes, and no. 82 (direct), about 25 minutes.

Also known by the name of St Marks’s square in English or la Piazza in Italian, Piazza San Marco was first constructed in the ninth century. It was constructed in front of St. Mark’s basicillica. Throughout the history, several alterations have been made to this great monument. It is the largest of the squares in the city and the first which has been given the designation of Piazza. It is surrounded by the arcades of Sansovino's Libreria Vecchia, the campanile and the entrance of Basilica di San Marco, the Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower) and the Procuratie. These exotic buildings around the square give a majestic look to the square.

The square is today considered as the main symbol of the city of Venice and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace)

Location: Province of Venice

Timings: Daily 8:30AM–7PM

How to reach: VAPORETTO

Standing next to the St. Mark’s Basicllica, the Doge’s palace has been a symbol of history and beautiful architecture. This gothic style sculpture has been portrayed by some of the great artists like Tintoretto, Bellini, Carpaccio, Veronese, and Titian in their paintings. The walls of the palace are decorated heavily with frescoes and canvases by great artists of Venice.

Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

Location: Fondago dei Turchi, Santa Croce, Venezia, Italy


             Sunday                10AM–6PM

             Monday                 Closed

             Tuesday                9AM–5PM

             Wednesday           9AM–5PM

             Thursday               9AM–5PM

             Friday                   9AM–5PM

             Saturday             10AM–6PM

How to Reach:

By VAPORETTI: From Piazzale Roma: Line 1 San Stae stop From Santa Lucia Railway Station: Line 1 San Stae stop From Lido di Venezia: Line 1 San Stae stop

Musio de Storia is a museum displaying around 2 million arts and interesting things from the past with a spectacular view. It is surrounded by water and was built as palazzos in the 13th century. The tour of the Museum keeps the thrill right from the beginning with prehistoric crocodiles and dinosaurs followed by specimens brought by Venice’s explorers. There are many rare specimens that are a marvel in themselves. 

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